CNC Milling Services

CNC Slide Milling Services

Milling Services and Prices

  • Slide cuts 
  • 1911/HK USP/Beretta APX 
  • Recuts (sig etc)
  • Front and rear serrations 
  • Slide and barrel porting 
  • Single port 
  • Trifecta Port 
  • Reptile port 

One shop for all your milling needs

There are very few companies that provide slide milling for almost every major brand in the market today. CZ, Glock, M&P, S&W, HK, Wilson Combat, Canik, Tanfo, Bul Armory, All 1911/2011, and even newly released products like the Dan Wesson DWX.


We mill for every footprint out and offer plates with or without back up sights for slides that require a plate due to slide width or internal ligthening cuts.



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