Impact CNC Machine CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready (factory cut) mounting plate. This version is for use with the Trijicon RMR/SRO and Holosun 507C/508T. Made of carbon steel, coated in QPQ for along lasting tough finish and follows the lines on the factory slide. One key feature is no removal to clean your extractor! M3X8 screws are included for mounting the plate to your slide, we suggest using the 6/32 screws that come with your optic for mounting the optic to your plate.


Note: In the Holosun optic box, you will find several packs of screws (M3/4MM/6/32) in most cases there are two lengths of 6/32 screws. Please use the longer of the two in you box. Both Trijicon and Holosun have loctite patches on their screws which works very well. If you have to remove your optic from another slide, make sure to reapply 243 the threads. Torque to 14/15 in lbs. Let set for 24 hours.


We suggest blue loctite 243 for the mounting of the plate to your slide and 13/14 in lbs of torque. Make sure you clean your threads before applying and let set for 24 hours.



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