ICM CZ 407/507k-EPS

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Made from carbon steel (we chose steel to help keep the weight of the slide balanced) and machined to match the top serrations on your CZ 75 series slides. This Holosun 407/507k and EPS cover plate will allow you to take your optic off and fill the void left from the cut.  Will be coated in black cerakote that will match the factory polycoat as best as possible. (Please note that an exact match is only possible if slide and cover are coated together)

Designed to work with ICM optic cuts cut in front of factory sights (plate with dovetail for slide were factory sight was removed is next), The plate will come with screws for mounting but if your cut is done by another shop, you may have to double check the fitment. It will work with cuts with or without locator tabs (we strongly recommend locator tabs on all cuts for many reasons).


**Due to variations in cuts/shops your cover may need to be fit, we like things snug so a light tap to get the cover to seat all the way down only helps with the security of it staying in place.


Will work on the following CZ PCR/P01/SP01/75B


Tenative ship date for first batch is 3/1/2023