Shipping & Returns

Steps to getting my slide milled. 

After you place your order you will send your slide, irons and/or optic along with your order number to our address. 

(318) 355-1546
Upon receiving your slide we will mark your order as Slide Arrived to our shop! 
We please ask you that you give us the allocated lead time before contacting us to see if your slide is done. If there are any issues we will reach out to you. 
Next we will ship your package back to you. At that time you will get your tracking number. 

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges and Non-Payment: When returning parts to Impact Machine for replacement, warranty (pending inspection), or a refund, it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay all return shipping costs. In addition, all returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Any items returned beyond 30 days are not refundable and will be returned to the buyer. All returned items must be accompanied by a copy of the Impact Machine original invoice or website order number. Indicate on this document copy the reason for return, the quantity returned, and if you want a replacement, possibly warranty (pending inspection), or refund. No replacement, warranty, or refunds will be provided without this information clearly indicated. Impact Machine will not respond to text messages regarding returns. Impact Machine will not search for e-mails for any returned items, therefore do not indicate on the document “see e-mail(s)”. The buyer can e-mail or phone (using our contact information on the Impact Machine Home Page) if there are questions regarding a return. The return address for parts is on the Impact Machine website Home Page.

No replacement, refund, or warranty will be provided if the parts have been installed, altered, or modified in any manner. There are no exceptions to this policy. Impact Machine has the right to terminate a sale or refuse to sell parts to any potential buyer if the buyer intends to miss-use, alter, modify, or install the part(s) in any application the part(s) is not intended for. Impact Machine shall have the sole discretion to refuse to sell any item to any buyer for any reason at any time.

Upon project completion, the customer shall be notified, and full payment will be required at that time. If full payment is not received within 90 days of project completion notification, the firearm will be sold to recover costs incurred by Impact Machine. No subsequent reimbursement will be forwarded to the non-paying customer.