CZ P07/09

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It is recommended to have your slide coated to prevent corrosion. 

When you select iron sights in front or behind the optic on this cut, that inlcudes the new dovetail cut and black lower 1/3 co witness sights.

If you include iron sights and/or a red dot we will install them for you. 

Screws are included with each optic cut. 

Please fill out our Contact Form if you have further questions.

We suggest that you add coating to your slide, however we do not make you. Stainless slides do not need coating as much as carbon steel slides do. Both can rust (yes stainless can rust) it all depends on the grade of metal and the conditions in which the slide is in.

We no longer offer a cold bluing solution. If you choose to not have a coating on your milled slide, it will be returned back to you milled and oiled. By purchasing this product you agree to these terms and conditions. We are not responsible if your slide rusts or corrodes when selecting no coating