Impact CNC Machine is pleased to offer these Springfield Prodigy Steel Mounts for the following optic footprints:



Holosun 507c/508T

Holosun 507 Comp


These are made of carbon steel, back up sights are built in to allow lower 1/3 co witness but not block the focal plane. Cerakoted graphite black, comes with mounting screws for each optic. 


These are at coating now, so please allow 7/10 days for tracking


Please note: The thread pitch on the plate is 6/32 (where you mount your optic). The thread pitch on your slide (where you mount the plate) is 6/48. The factory short screws (6/48) will work great with this plate. Please do not try to install the screws labeled for each optic in the holes in the slide. As always clean the threads and apply loctite on all threads however we do not recommend red loctite in either case (plate to slide or optic to plate). Blue 242/243 will work well. 

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Prodigy plate is perfect

Jay on Sep 25th 2023

The rear sight is adequately designed for direct hold over point of aim. The plate is well made. I will be sourcing other parts from this company.

RMR Optic Plate

Phil Jones on Sep 13th 2023

Fantastic fit and Finish and they provide mounting Screws for The Optics that fit the Plate

Prodigy optic plate for RMR/507

Eddie K on Aug 20th 2023

Great product. Perfect fit and looks clean. Like the solid one piece plate rear sight design. In stock and half the price of the OEM system. Highly recommended